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I'm feeling inspired to write something that needs to be talked about. If you're new to losing weight, your weight loss journey, your fitness journey, you're probably feeling REALLY confused. As I was when I first started. First I'd like to say, this is MY opinion based on my experience. I spent years having an unhealthy relationship with food after the different things I'd see on social media. Don't eat carbs, bread, sweets, sugar, fats, egg yolks, fruit, eat under 1200 calories a day, burn off what you do eat, etc. So needless to say, I spent years ruining my metabolism. Which makes it harder for me now. Your body needs carbs, unless stated by a doctor that you should follow a ketogenic diet. Your body needs fats, so eat that whole egg! You probably burn off 1200 calories a day just by living, so if you're working out, you should definitely be eating more than than that! Putting your body in "starvation mode" is a real thing, if you're not getting enough calories, your body will store fat and make it harder for you to lose weight. Be smart, please. Listen to your body. Whoever says not to eat fruit because of the sugar.... like WHAT DO YOU MEAN? It's a natural sugar, fruit is loaded with vitamins, eat your fruit! And that meme going around on the internet like "lifting weights make women huge, false. cupcakes make women huge." Nope, one cupcake isn't giong to make you huge, nor is lifting weights. Eat that cupcake if you want a cupcake. THIS is how eating disorders start. This is why so many women have skip meals, purge, binge eat, etc. So many feel the need to fit this mold, to be skinny, to eat salads, whatever it may be. We are sponges, we absorb what we see. So the next time you want to post something, THINK. Everyone has their own version of balance and here is mine. Eat my salads, eat my chicken, donuts, vegetables, eggs, icecream, fruit, etc. Please, please don't promote unhealthy relationships with food. I might take it more personally because I have been through it, I have felt guilty over and over again for indulging in food and punished myself with exercise, etc. But not anymore, and I will try to help girls for the rest of my life find a healthy relationship with themselves, their bodies, and food. <3 xo

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