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Always remember you can not compare your chapter 3 to somebody else’s chapter 30. Especially when it comes to fitness journeys. Fitness is individualized to every single person. There are no rules, there’s no specifics that you have to follow. Do you want to be able to run 5 miles? Do you want to eat vegan? Do you want to squat 200 lbs? Do you want to practice yoga daily? Do you want to eat paleo? Do you want to make it to the gym 2 times a week? Do you want to track your macros? Do you want compete in a bodybuilding competition? Here’s the thing, you can do whatever you want to do. Your goals and your fitness lifestyle is completely up to you. It is so easy to get discouraged after you compare yourself to somebody who can make it to the gym 5-6x a week, if you can only make it 2-3x a week. What matters it that you do you do what YOU can do, do your best and better yourself every day.

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